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Meeting our Community means opening up to the life of people with mental disability, to community life, to different lives from ours, lives who are intertwined with each other.

The Community is made up of people with or without handicaps who live together, Each one comes to the Arche differently, for different reasons and at different times of their lives.

Each one comes by bringing with it its own history, language and culture, its own research and the desires. The Community is first and foremost a place where the gift of people with disabilities to unite and meet different people builds community life.

You can become volunteer at ARCOBALENO

Contact us at the email address: assistentibologna@arca-it.org

– You can share your life as a volunteer for a year or a few months. During this time you will live in one of our homes by working together with people with disabilities, you will work with other Community assistants, you will have a daily, weekly and periodic holiday time, you will also receive food, lodging and a small refund expenses.

– You can offer when you can, but regularly, your time, help, and professionalism to help us in the kitchen, in the laundry room, with small maintenance work, or in some community services.

– You can do your university training internships in the Community. The Arche Community L’Arcobaleno is already partnered with the University of Bologna UNI.BO, the University of Modena Reggio Emilia UNIMO.RE and has Already hosted Erasmus students at Cambridge University and the University of Krakow John Paul II..

Fill out the form below if you want to be part of our community

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